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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Newborn baby , feel like to have one!

Assalamualaikum readers,

It has been quite a long time since my last entry. There's too many tasks to settle but alhamdulillah, all things go smooth as planned. Topic today is about newborn baby. Recently, several of my closest friends have delivered baby. Among them are Nur Alifah Abdul Rahman (Nur Alya Qistina), Elly Ziana Zakariah (Nurul Adani), Afzan Adzhari (Afnan) and Dahnia Adnan (Sofea Hannah). Congratulations to them all! Down deep inside my heart and soul, it will be lovely if I can join them and get pregnant again. What a wonderful day! Unfortunately, intention must be scaled with capability. It is normal for those with age below 35 to get pregnant once you see your friends deliver baby, but sometimes, there's a lot more things to ponder and revised if you and your partner would go to add up a new family members at your stage. By looking at my kids, alhamdulillah, a great syukur to Allah. He has grant me with a pair of kids consists of Adam Iman and Aya Sofya. Seeing them growing is one of the most magnificent things in the world. I believed that not everybody get the chances to raised up their kids due to several reasons. It was so touched when my husband told his friends that we might stop from getting another baby as he can't bear seeing my suffering during pregnancy. Two kids with cervical incompetence is a kind of risks for another chances. Even for me personally, I'm okay with that situation but yet, lot of things need to be rethink. I'm happy if my friends keep adding up their family members. I will always pray that all these little caliphs will grow up and become Mujahid and Mujahiddah to protect Islam one day! So, the key word for today, "MEASURE SHIRT TO YOUR OWN BODY" - direct translation ;-)

"Happy Fasting Guys!"


  1. hehehheheh..

    kita pun, mmg seronok tgk kekawan dok beranak berjemaah but yet, bila looking at my task, my commitment plus extra task at home..KIV dulu la

    lagipun syukur kita sudah dianugerahkan sepasang cahaya mata kan..

    Tuhan itu Maha Adil :)

  2. betul tu Sr Intan. kalau ikutkan hati, memang rasa nak saja, tapi mujur aqal mengendali kehendak. isu kuantiti vs kualiti juga berperanan dalam hal ini. wallahualam....