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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Friends in Great Britain, take care!

Assalamualaikum readers,

At this moment, I just finished touched up my blog. Finally, I felt satisfied with the design and layout. Insya Allah, my blog will be fully equipped with lots more instruments and valuable tools time by time. For this time being, this is what I can do.

Today, menu for breaking my fasting will be steam rice+"bawal" sweet sour+brinjals kurma+custard pudding+kathira = Alhamdulillah,  Syukur with all the rezeki. Somehow, I'm worried thinking about some of my friends who still studying in UK. Sr Hawa and Sr Julia in Manchester, Br Afizan in Loughborough, Sr Matul in Southampton, Br Khair in Oxford, Sr Aida and few more. I believed they all currently quite worried with the riots happened there since last week. What we can do here are praying to Allah that all our fellow friends will be in a good and safe condition.

It is so fortunate living in peaceful and harmonize Malaysia....but yet...we don't know until when...only Allah knows...


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  1. nice new layout of ur blog!

    tuh la..tak sangka kan UK leh jadi macam tuh