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Monday, 11 July 2011

Adam and his playgroup

As salam to all,

Last 2 months, I brought Adam to Sheerin Speech Therapist in USJ. She found that Adam's jaws has not working properly due to a very long ventilated period after his birth. This make Adam a bit hard to pronounce the vocab. She asked me to do some exercises and advised me to send Adam to any playgroup session. Hoping that through mingle with other people rather than his Pa, Ma, Grandma and Bibik, he may able to develop his speech skills plus other skills as well. I goggled "Playgroup" and found that many options are available in Klang Valley and Selangor area. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find one that suits both of us in term of location and time. Out of searching, I found "ALIMKIDS PLAYGROUP" which based in Subang Jaya. How lucky am I, one of the branches is in Johor Bharu. Right after contacting person in charge, she is most welcome me to join the trial session. Alhamdulillah, Adam has joined the playgroup and almost finished his 2nd modul end of this month. I did see his improvement in the words that he voice out and he did learn something valuable through the playgroup. Friends, I would highly recommended ALIMKIDS PLAYGROUP for your kids aged 2-4. Find the nearest branch here Attached here some activities both of us attended and feel free to view more photos at


  1. menarik aktiviti playgroupnya kan? Teringinnya nak try... tapi kat kedah sini tak jumpa lagi...

  2. owh, ummu_abdullah kat kedah ke? apa kata kalau ummu_abdullah bukak satu, mesti dapat sambutan. kami di johor pun ada satu je. sangat berterima kasih pada Teacher Amy yang buka branch di Johor. Saya pun dari Pontian, ambil masa satu jam naik ke Johor Bharu demi pendidikan Adam.