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Monday, 4 February 2013

My Heroin 1st day @School


Today is my little Aya Sofya (not so little anymore, chubby-chubby grown up) 1st day school at Little Caliphs. Why Little Caliphs?

1) Personally, I think the module and indicator is more less like Alimkids where Aya has 1 year experience attending Alimkids Playgroup session with Late Sr Amy and Teacher Farra Bagaikan Puteri. She loves singing, she loves dancing and she loves pretty-cutie-motherly-sisterly Teacher.

2) Basically, the monthly fees is kind of affordable which is RM150 for 3 yrs old kids.

3) Just 1 minute driving from home and 3 minutes walk-in-distance. (Easy for Opah/Bibix to fetch her later).

- She woke up at 7:15 am when Mama played her Tu Ti Tu education series through Tab.
- Wash up herself but refuse to wear her school uniform with Mama (Keep saying 'Nak Baju Cantikk... Nak Baju Cantik...). The soft yellow seem not to be 'Cantik' to her as she loves Red, Orange, Bright Colour clothes everyday!
- Ding-dong-ding-dong-drama with Papa, finally she wore her uniform without scarf.
- Here comes her drama again, she refused to go in car with Mama... Nak tu-Nak ni- Nak Naik Stroller- Nak shoes Cantik- Nak bla- Nak Bli- Nak Blu- HUH... Mama doesn't has enough patience to entertain you laaaa Kakak...
-Finally got into car, Papa is not gonna follow us - DRAMA again.... Fast thinking, Mama open Upin Ipin Yotube and let her watch.
- Sharp 8.30 am, arrived school.

So, let the photos talk.

Her Aunty said look like Mak Jemah

As usual, first timer, she will be as silent as a mouse
Teacher Farra in d' house!

Teacher said, Aya behaved good at school but all of sudden nampak Mama during fetch time, 'berjujai' tears, Mamaaa... nak Ninakkk... huhuhuhuhuhuh

May Aya Sofya and all kids being granted with well knowledge and health, be intelligent dunia fil akhirat, Aminnnn...

Footnote : 1 more day (before 11.59pm, 5/2/2013) for 5th GA Activity from Vietnam. Don't waste time as Mdm CheesYana has got her beautiful Mystery Gift already.


  1. muke aya sebijik muka ko!!!
    thanks for the mystery gift! Love it!

    1. Yeaaa... Ko org ke 101 cakap begitu... Hope she can be my BFFTJ :-)