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Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Hero 1st day @school


There's always first time... Today, my Adam Iman first day school @Brainybunch.
Let the photos talk...

Opah.... Assalamualaikum.. Peace Yo!

Adam chill okay!

Adam so behaved when hearing lots of friends crying

Canteen area

Activity area

Adam saw Mama's car

Okay dear, Mama go back first, C u @12!
Footnote : Oh Allah, please reward Adam Iman and all our kids with health, knowledge and safety along their education journey. Please grant high patience to all the teachers in charged.... Aminnnn....

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  1. adam bagusnye..iman nanges gie sekolah..first time pegi tempat asing sendirian..adik die paling kewl tak nangis n so enthusiasm!