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Saturday, 11 February 2012

3 Series and Alimkids Playgroup

Salam to my followers and readers,

110282 to 110212 = 30 yrs old!

Happy birthday to me. May Allah bless Olin. May Allah grant Olin with all His Barakah. May Allah reward Olin with all success world and hereafter. May Olin live and die in Iman and Islam.... amiiinnnnn...

At this moments, I really thank to Allah for giving me opportunities to be what am I today. All His rezeki, all His tests and all my journey written by Him were PERFECT and nothing but His promises were and always the best! May all these lead me to be better Muslimah..insya Allah.

Thank you to all who wish me today. May you all also being granted with His barakah all the times. One thing that cheer me up today is bringing my son, Adam to his new playgroup. With new teacher and new environment. How we miss our beloved Teacher Amy when we start the Doa session today. In fact, I am crying while I'm writing this part teacher.

"Ya Allah, Ya Rabbi, Ya Mulk.... terimalah doa kami dan anak-anak kami. Kau kurniakan lah kesihatan dan kesempurnaan buat Teacher Amira Amy. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha pengampun dan Maha mendengar. Dengarlah rintihan anak-anak kami Ya Allah... kami sangat-sangat sayangkan Teacher Amy....aminnn Ya Rabbal A'lamin...."

Adam with Teacher Farra , try to adapt new things

Happy Bday Mama Adam - from Teacher Farra
Footnote : Bagaikan Puteri, kisah khayalan, yang hidupnya suci dan sempurna... tapi sayang... hanya lah impian.....bulan tak bisa tumbuh di taman dan bila mentari datang, pulang lah segala kenyataan.....

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