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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Congratulation winners :-)

assalam followers and readers,

Glad to announce the winner for my 4th GA Souvenir from Hong Kong :-

Mystery gift - Ms Diyana (packaged delivered) - HONG KONG size XL Turquoise Tshirt

Third place - Mrs The Bunga Spa (will received Daisy Keychain+ 2nd Hong Kong FM)

Runner Up - Mrs (will get 3rd Hong Kong FM and Pink T-shirt , suit 4 Ecah ;-)

1st place goes to Mr Gosip Artis Malaysia
(HK Disneyland FM + Donald + Goofy Keychain)

.... 2-3 Snow White berlari,
Mana nak sama dengan Cinderella,
Wah bestnya hong kong sudah pergi mari,
Nanti turn saya boleh tolong guide lah. :-)

Thank You for your all supports and please email me your address for the packages to be delivered ASAP. (

Footnote : Wait for my 5th Give Away Activity in 1 month time :-)

1 comment:

  1. alhamdulillah dapat 1st place.. terima kasih sangat2 kak :-).. congrats juga untuk semua pemenang