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Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Thought

Assalam my loyal readers (u know who u're)

Yesterday, I went to see my 'mom', recited her Yasinan and send her doa so she may rest in peace in the other world. Miss her so much, miss her words, miss her ideas, miss her pinches, miss her everything... Halimah Haji Lassim, Al Fatihah....

Today, I created a Whatsapp Group Chat named ex Alimkids JB Mommies. Alhamdulillah, all mommies responded well and we may keep in touch frequently after today. One of the plan for all mommies to get the Legoland Annual Pass so we can re-unite there one fine day.

It is good to see someone who previously were very close to you.

It is good to meet your previous teachers and lectuers who have contributed various knowledges to you till you become someone today.

It is good to recall back your relatives and strengthen back your family relationship with them after a very long time missing in action.

It is good to be good.

Fully utilized your life before you die, your wealth before you poor, your young before you old, your healthy before you pain, your free before its end....

p/s : Next week, back to school.. fully geared...

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