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Thursday, 19 July 2012

What age should I let my daughter starts dating???

assalam readers,

WOW! should be the first impression once u read my entry title today... 


am I so advanced? am I so excited to have son-in-law? am I too ambitious??


actually I opened my email today and find this related article inside my inbox. after read 25 comments from mommies with daughters, I am smiling. Down deep inside my heart, I said,

"One fine day, my little daughter AYA SOFYA will be no more longer my cutest,chubby and small girl. Instead, she will growing up being a teenage girl, mingles with friends with different genders and slowly has her own thought about 'having an affair'."

First and foremost, as a Muslim believers, since my daughter open her eyes and see ALLAH's world, I have started Doa to Him, do protect my daughter from all harmness and bad things all the times. Till today, the Doa remain the same.

Now, I phsyically still have power to control my daughter. One day, I hope, the Mom's Doa will be the weapon to protect my daughter's dignity and pride.

I always remind myself and my husband, if we want to do anything sinful related to others dignity and pride, if we do not afraid of ALLAH anymore, please think about our daughter... what we did today, if it is not get back to us, surely, our decendents will be effected. Can they survived on that day??? We don't know.... so, rethink before we act.

"Aya... mama has done mistakes previously, may all the punishments being rewarded by Allah to me, not to you..."

"Oh Allah, please provide safety to all our daughters and let them growing up as a solehah kids till the ends... aminn Ya Rabbal A'lamin"

p/s : I seek for a forgiveness from head to toe, from zahir and batin and may this coming Ramadhan will strengthen our Iman to Allah the Creator.... Wallahualam...."

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