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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Winner for my 3rd GA Activity...congratulations!

Assalamualaikum wbr,

Judging upon your comments, I am glad to announce the winners :

Grand prize goes to Sis Ilyia Abdul Rahman (same father but no blood relationship ;-)

Mystery gift which is MU Golf Ball (1 piece) goes to Sis Intan Maria + MU Fridge Magnet :-)

Consolation prizes for Sis Norra (London FM), Sis Chees Yana (Edinburgh FM), Mama_Umar_Maryam (London FM), Sis Vee (Edinburgh FM) and Sis Blue Rose(London FM).

Thank You for your supports and you guys AWESOME!

Footnote : Please Sis Norra and Sis Blue Rose email/sms/FB me to get your real identity :-)


  1. toche..toche..
    congrate utk diri sendiri gak =D

    1. will give your prizes, both Brunei n UK on 21st April yah :-)

  2. Olin.. aku baru perasan aku menang.. uhuhuuhuhuh