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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Miss my blog!

Assalamualaikum readers,

Where am I???? What happen to me???? Long time no see... I really miss my blog but last 2 months since my last entry, I was extremely busy!

1) I had my Agribusiness Management Mid Term Examination, alhamdulillah, I got A-.

2) I already started collecting data for my PhD thesis. So far, half of the respondents have fullfilled my survey. TQ to my assistants , you guys know who you are.

3) My eyes were injured and I need to see Eye Specialist (Insya Allah this coming Wednesday).

4) My maid, AGAIN, going back to Indonesia for good. I need to find replacement ASAP with the REASONABLE price. TQ to some of my friends who introduced me to some agents. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay for the services. For me, fees between 6-9K were VERY EXPENSIVE.

5) I was focusing on getting money for the GOLD INVESTMENT. Yeah, I have bought 999 gold for investment. If you guys intrested, just call me okay.

There's few more IMPORTANT events did happened to me in the past few months which I cannot revealed to public yet. No worries, I'm still here and will be updating my blog from time to time.

Footnote : Waiting to change from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab 7.2 (which one is better?) Next week baby!

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